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concord, it's ann notarangelo, and it's october 1, ann. >> reporter: paul, we've had months and months of warm weather. we're over it. time to move on. look around. all the signs of fall, campaign signs reminding us that november elections are around the corner and leaves are changing color, and retailers are trying to lure us in. but it's triple digits in parts of the bay area. >> pretty much when i got outside, i started sweating. >> reporter: the calendars october, but it doesn't feel like it. >> since it's october, i was hoping for more stormy weather going on. >> reporter: and these guys had to work in it. on top of the hot temperatures, a spare the air day meaning they wouldn't use the power equipment. >> it's october, and it should be like cool temperatures right now. it's crazy. >> reporter: they, like so many of us, have mentally moved on. everywhere you look, we're reminded it's autumn and halloween is this month. people had that mindset in the concord spirit store. >> i like the in between days. i don't like when it's cold or sweaty hot. >> reporter: we need to find you a g
. yesterday's highs, the city 8 . concord 900 and without the north eat wind and -- northeast wind and we have -- wind and we have antioch, livermore downtown oakland, they are still on the warm side. no breeze at all, west at 7, there is a tiny component with that northeast wind. high pressure controls one more day and the little low is spinning a week to 10 days and this week as well. temperatures anywhere from 60s to near 100 degrees cooling trends coast and bay, in fact we will go to the 90s by this upcoming weekend. sunny warm to hot, hot, bayside inland, 69th to 99 degrees, 99 morgan hill, livermore antioch, oakland, 85 in the city, they start to creep back, it looks like a big drop, definitely thursday into friday and a cool and breezy pattern for the next weekend, pam. >>> well the city of richmond is reaching out to chevron for help. what they want in a story you will only see here on 2. >>> plus the supreme court, the three major rulings you could soon see. >>> traffic is moving along well, we will tell you about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. . >>> good morning, skie
clouds. 5:00 this morning visibility reduced from mountain view, concord, by 9:00 it pulls out of the east bay still richmond san rafael bridge, bay bridge and also the golden gate bridge, right on through pacifica, half moon bay and the san mateo coast looking grey. by 12, 1:00 we get into the sunshine then higher clouds visibility right now mountain view a mile and 3/4, with concord down to half mile reduced significantly within the last hour. seven mile visibility airport delays overan hour and 15 minutes at sfo. we are -- increasing visibility looking good in novato over a quarter of a mile it was less than that before, at least that temporarily is improving, but it is going to take several hours until we can evaporate some of this sun angle in time of year pretty low it will take through the mid-morning. 56 fremont, livermore 54, 52 santa rosa, dense fog higher clouds warmer temperatures today offshore flow gets going tomorrow after this system passes to the north. today, it will send us a few high cloud an will filter the sunshine in parts of the north bay also in the eas
of the year. san jose almost got there, 94. the second warmest day of the year for you. concord, only the 9th warmest day, but 97 degrees today. livermore, you hit 100. guess what, santa cruz hit 100 today. even right in san francisco, golden gate park registered at 84 degrees. salsalito at 83. we are very dry since july 1, only 11% of our average rainfall. and after tomorrow there will be a significant weather change. wait until you see the extended forecast as we will get down right chilly. we'll have that in a few minutes. thank you, paul. >>> a bay area egg producer is under fire from an animal rights group. customers are being duked by misleading packaging. cbs5 reporter linda yee on why critics say the refunds are in order. >> it all comes down to the picture. ahead on her chicks, pecking away at the open field on the carton of judy's organic eggs. the animal legal defense fund says that it is false advertising and they are suing the egg farm. >> the issue is whether the consumers are deceived. and the picture on the packaging depicts hens roaming about a green field. >> reporter: organ
were hotter at 94. that was the second hottest day of your year. concord, at 97, the ninth warmest day of the year. walnut creek, 99. that was bested by santa cruz, 100 degrees at the coast. golden gate park, 84. and a half moon bay, 74. fire danger elevated because of the temperature and also because we're running at 11% of average rainfall since july 1. one more note, 12,000 homes lost power in berkeley with scattered outages because a transformer blew. we called pg&e looking for a cause. it may be weather related. but some folks are without their air conditioning tonight. full forecast coming up in about ten minutes. >>> they truck it out! >> champagne is flowing in oakland right now. the a's are heading to the postseason for the first time in six years. about 45 minutes ago they clinched a spot with a 4-3 win over the rangers. dennis o'donnell is there and we'll have more coming up in sports. >>> bay area egg producer is taking heat from an animal rights group that says customers are being duped by misleading packaging showing happy-looking chickens. why the group says customers de
is going to be one of those days will will be almost a carbon copy of yesterday's. livermore, concord, santa rosa and napa those locations be the record yesterday and could very well do it again today. >> is it going to be another hot one so this morning clear skies just like yesterday. will start loading up fast. already see to it to the '60s. we are even antioch coming in at 70 degrees. funny and still hot this afternoon triple digit weather. the majority of the bay area is going to be sweating under '80s and '90s and that includes communities right up against the bay waters as well. so here are some of the hottest of the jews were expected today danville 101, when hundreds even at livermore, 100 and fairfield. 97 and lost gatos. justice scorcher of a day in the east bay mainly but off the hot near the water. right around a piece of bomb the water in their nineties in an about three in the afternoon there will be on last time of the day you see widespread 90s in were talking anywhere from 96 through 98 degrees. if you want relief you once again have to head out to the beaches were l
's the american dream. sunshine today, 70's and 80's. staying pretty mild right now. concord, 69. santa rosa, 70, because we have no flow of air coming in from the motion. winds are calm and we are staying milder. tonight oakland down to 55. concord, 55. san jose, your low tonight, 54. let's talk about all the action going on to our north, as close to us as crescent city. if anything, low pressure will slide off to the east and move farther away from us, allowing a big ridge of high pressure too build in, and it's going to build in to our north. that is important, because when high pressure builds to our north we get an offshore wind. in mid october, that can still get us into the 80's and 90's and it will, starting wednesday. a lot of sunshine this week. a little morning cloud cover tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, cooling off as the onshore flow comes back for the weekend. tomorrow, temperatures are beginning to go up. tomorrow, oakland, 76, 6 degrees above average. palo alto, 78. hayward, 76. antioch, 86 tomorrow. concord, 85. pleasanton, 86. alameda, your tuesday, 77. downtown san francisco
° warmer in antioch than we were yesterday, 6 to 9° warmer this morning in concord san jose in the 50s still warmer than yesterday. fog around hayward and fremont this morning also coming up 280 towards the airport from the 50s to 60s, mild start this afternoon upper 60s to mid 80s. above normal and we will be looking at a very light breeze. by the evening pleasant with numbers slow to drop off into the 60s offshore flow gets going, temperatures today in the mid 80s. 90 tomorrow inland, low 90s by thursday. high fire danger, to last through the weekend. >>> happy tuesday. live to the bay bridge toll, clear, metering lights off smooth sailing too san francisco, just the way we like. >> san mateo bridge same thing traffic flowing nicely between hayward and foster city bunching up towards the highrise at the limit, 15 minute drive from the east bay towards the peninsula. out of antioch now is a good time to be doing so traffic at the limit from antioch towards pittsburg into concord under 20 minutes for that stretch. if you are heading out of the central valley 205 tracy up and over the a
, despues de que el trabajador fue contratado aqui en la ciudad de concord 13:11 :16 bueno es una historia triste porque a todos nos puede pasar estos jornaleros en concord, estan siendo mas precavidos. el pasado domingo, un trabajador fue recogido a las afueras del home depot en la calle meridian de concord y llevado a trabajar a la ciudad de lafayette... jose ramirez/jornalero :29 :22 cuando se va uno de mis companeros lo unico que digo, si se va solo, que dios lo cuide ;27 segun la policia, recibieron una llamada de que un hombre estaba corriendo por la calle descalzo, y atender al lugar en la calle lucas cort en lafayette, el hombre dijo que era jornalero y habia sido contratado para trabajar alli.... eric christensen/jefe de pollicia :49 the worker 23:04 el trabajador ciertamente se sentia amenazado mientras corria por el vecindario, al punto que estaba gritando, timbrando en puertas y tratando de encontrar alguien que le ayudara, fue entonces cuando llamaron a las autoridades. la policia arresto al contratista tod morton, y lo han acusado de secuestro...aun investigan p
game of the week takes us to concord. the minute men taking on their arch rival, the clayton valley eagles, highlights, next. >>> a major cool down today across most of the bay area. coming up, how much more cooling you can expect this weekend and when rain chances have been added to our forecast >>> dozens of people camped out to draw attention to poverty. they are encouraging residents to vote yes on measure d. students were among those who helped get the measure on the ballot. it will raise prices for everyone and for businesses to cut jobs, are what opponents say. >>> a string gets dozens of arrests and as a warning for people looking to get work done on their home. when it comes to hiring an unlicense contractor it is buyer be aware. you. >> are looking at $700 with tax. >> for the paint? >> reporter: this man was just one of almost 100 people across the state including 14 in union city caught up in a sting this week by the contractor state license board. >> we are running a sting. >> it is a sting. >> do you have any identification on you at all? >> reporter: investigators t
, 55 in concord, 61 in oakland. this is just the beginning of changes heading our way. all of that sunshine going off to the south, long with the high pressure that is pushing off to our southeast. in its place we have a storm system moving in out of the gulf of alaska. it will make for a wet and windy morning commute. the good news is it is short- lived. after the front passes through tomorrow morning we have cool air and scattered showers that remain in its wake. time it all out for you. it is not going to be an easy commute, folks, let me tell you right now. future cast, increasing clouds for us for the most part. then, the bulk of the rain moves in just in time for the morning commute. most of the rape in the north bay and pushing off to the south it becomes scattered showers, scattered in nature on through monday and tuesday. and then on into wednesday as well. from the hreupgering showers on wednesday. can not rule out a stray shower on thursday. but the bulk of the rain will be monday and tuesday with a few scattered showers. how much rain are we going to see? most i
and daughter in concord is going behind bars. the judge gave him the maximum sentence but he is not expected to serve all of it in jail. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in concord with how the victim's family is reacting to the sentencing. >> reporter: the family was very emotional both inside the courtroom and when they gathered outside on the steps of the contra costa county courthouse. they wanted justice for their loved ones and are pleased the judge handed down the harshest sentence. 18-year-old david rosen was sentenced to seven years and eight months for vehicular manslaughter. rosen was speeding driving recklessly when his vehicle hit a father and two daughters in april. the 41-year-old and his 9-year- old daughter were killed. the 12-year-old daughter was injured. they were riding their bikes and were on the sidewalk on concord street boulevard when they were lit. since rosen was 17 at the time of the incident, juvenile court jurisdiction only applies until the age of 21. so in three years, when he turns 21, he will be released. therefore, he will not serve the full sentenc
by state law. >>> new at 10:00, city leaders in concord are looking into ways to crack down on outdoor medical marijuana grows after seeing our report about a backyard pot operation last week. eric rasmussen is live in concord and figures out concord isn't the only city where neighbors are reporting problems. erick. >> reporter: right prong, we just heard about another backyard grow -- right frank, we just heard about another backyard grow possibly bigger than the one we saw in concord. they are both legal. it's what's under this large plastic at the present time in the backyard of a house in pittsburg. >> the smell is horrendous. absolutely horrendous. at one point we counted 60 plants in the backyard. >> reporter: medical marijuana plants that jordan worries will make his neighborhood a target for crime. city leaders say they're looking into drafting an ordnance to restrict where and how the plants are grown. >> perhaps looking at having the growth indoors instead of outdoors that certainly would take care of some of the major concerns that we have. >> reporter: it's something the gr
of areas like berkeley, san jose, concord. and some of the other areas are 61 degrees and it is nice for this evening the same however cannot be said for detroit. with weather getting colder. first, in the bay area and some clouds with a mixture of clouds and sunshine near the bay. however, sunday as we get towards the afternoon with warm temperatures. for next week we will start off with clouds monday, tuesday, cooler temperatures. the chance for rain fall on halloween. the timing on that is not quite the bust. for the world series in the game for tomorrow. not quite-the best -- and the temperatures are going to be in the low 40's even to reduce possible cloudy. even 20 m.p.h.. it will make it feel even colder. on the of rainfall in the pacific northwest but notice those clouds to the north. keeping us in california sunny and nice and that will be the case for tomorrow. the beaches, some clouds to marron and what we've seen today but still, nice. tomorrow-clouds. but still decent with 60s in bodega bay. and also ocean beach. and for the south they look for mostly sunny skies and sun
. >>> new at 10:00 tonight, concord police say tonight's hot weather may have played a role in the death of an elderly woman who's body was found in an elementary school in pleasant hill. the 86-year-old woman who suffered from alzheimer's disease went missing from her adult health care facility in concord around 4:30. when she failed to return, they called authorities and began a search. police say high temperatures in the area might have been a factor. >>> that heat will continue tomorrow and that means air quality here in the bay area is expected to be unhealthy prompting officials to declare a third straight spare the air day. just as they did today authorities are asking people to avoid driving or using gas powered bar-b-que and yard equipment. people are also being asked to take public transit or alternatives like car pools. tomorrow will be the tenth spare the air day of the season. >>> as forecasted temperatures soar today. you can see readings ranging from the 70s from pacifica to the 80s today. 84degrees and a lot of neighborhoods back out into the 90s in santa rosa, concord,
is planned for a concord homeless encampment but is it needed? in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> kron 4 is continuing to follow the pennant race you are looking live. the national league championship series more news. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. argonaut have to tell you what is this book where i found this. -- this is near this marsh near concord but it is a stark difference. it is a homeless encampment along the creek. this water shed is part of the contra costa water district. when you walk along the banks you will notice temp
even broken. >> we had a few records broken today. we had a new record high in oakland and concord. everybody running 10 to 15 degrees above average but these were the records that were set today. the old record for oakland 83. today 86. the old record for concord 85. today 86 degrees. check out these temperatures. even at the coast, pacifica is at 82. napa current live 87. we have 90 in fremont. 80 for san jose. livermore is 87 and downtown san francisco is still baking at 84 degrees. so temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average. it changes as soon as tomorrow. details on that and a big change for next week is coming up in a few short minutes. >> thank you. >>> if you saw the flash or heard the boom, it only lasted for a few moments. but now, the day after the big show in the sky, people are out looking for something timeless. cbs 5 reporter da lin joins us live from just outside martinez where the hunt is on. da. >> reporter: last night, people were asking, did you see it? and now they are asking, did you find it? we're in the east bay hills near martinez and we noticed
concord a high of 76, san jose though only around 70. sunnyvale 70. redwood city 69. concord 76. benicia 77. napa for a wine tasting, mid- 70s for you tomorrow. partly sunny skies in san rafael 75. san leandro 70. and in the city, a high of 66 degrees for san francisco tomorrow. here's your extended forecast calling for a little bit cloudier conditions on sunday. rainfall likely monday through wednesday. we will not clear out until next thursday. here's something pretty interesting. a pop-up picnic. with more on that roberta gonzales is live tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, paul. i'm outside the golden gate bridge at marina green and this is a flash mob. well, kind of sort of. it is le dinner ala san francisco. all these people back in march went online and bought tickets to a pop-up picnic at $25 apiece. then it was only 2 hours ago people were informed where to gather for the picnic. they bring the food, drink and must wear white. now, the only thing that's surprise supplied is the table and chairs. coming up at 6:00 we'll take you inside this big party. 4200 people ar
played a role of a death of an elderly woman in concord. the 86-year-old wandered off from her assisted living home this afternoon when temperatures were 100 degrees outside. after an extensive search, they found her body at fair oaks elementary school. police and health officials are urging people to stay indoors and cool during the heat wave. the woman who died suffered from dementia and mild alzheimer's, as well. the hot weather is not letting up yet. check in with rob on the heat. >> today we saw the temperatures close to 100 degrees around livermore and concord. tomorrow likely going to see a hotter day in the bay area. numbers 80s. san francisco to oakland. livermore 100. 97 santa rosa and the other issue is the air quality. if you have asthma or suffer from respiratory issues you want to cut back on outdoor activities especially during the afternoon. the heat and health. we will have more temperatures over 100 degrees tomorrow. you want to stay hydrated. if the poor air quality inland, that will add to respiratory stress, especially if you have asthma. for the elderly children an
in two years, as a matter of fact. oakland, 92, hottest day of the year. and concord, 97 degrees. now inland spots, you've been warmer eight different days. today was only day no. 9. we've got that rainfall deficit to talk about as well. we are running at 11% of average rainfall, adding to that fire danger. temperatures will stay pretty warm this evening and overnight tonight. but after tomorrow, there is a significant weather change. we're going to other direction. >>> prosecutors say gisele esteban killed leigh out of jealousy for a boyfriend. >>> a judge has suspended court proceedings for the man accused of carrying out a mass shooting in oakland. 43-year-old one goh's lawyer is questioning his mental capacity to stand trial. the judge ordered two psychiatrists to examine goh and report their findings in court next month. goh is accused of killing seven people at oikos university in april. >>> an albany middle schoolteacher who had been accused of lewd acts with a former student has died. james izumizaki was a popular sixth grade teacher. he was arrested last wednesday after poli
that the residents-- >> dead birds have been popping up due to the west now bars. these birds were found in concord and other places. this is blame to ed due to the warm weather that was out. i still believe that we should take any water and have it treated in spray for mosquitoes because we do still have a few hot days coming up. a lot of people like me do not worry about it until someone gets sick. officials are stating that no muss skills have been found to carry any viruses. >> let's talk about the weather a little bed we are expecting the weather to be good. you are absolutely right. there are breaks of sunshine out there and it is kicking off to be warmer and it will last throughout the work week. it is a chilly start for the morning and we do have a lot of forties' out there. therd ofupper 60s are expected for downtown san francisco. take a look at your 7 day forecast it shows you that things will get warmer into the upper 80s. >> a new campaign is taking a look at new violence in oakland. these billboards are showing a picture of people being killed. those who live in this area are stating
east concord 2 1/2 miles, livermore is okay, i expect that could change in the next hour. temperatures are very mild, low cloud deck 400 feet in some spots, very mild, 53 to 60 in oakland. numbers in the 50s and 60s as you head out with the dense fog. by the afternoon around the bay we'll warm through the upper 70s, not stopping there inland highs in the mid 80s look ahead, warmer today, beach weather, wind shift 70 at our coast, mid 70s by wednesday, then we're talking 90s inland and it does continue i'll have the seven-day outlook coming up. >>> fog is the big story thick and it comes up fast, take extra caution. golden gate bridge flowing smoothly four southbound lanes and fog on the span also through marin county in patches very thick. bay bridge moving nicely, fog once you get to the san francisco side mid span fog approaches rapidly. new accident to report, southbound 880 oakland at 23rd truck accident off to the right shoulder no significant slowing. bay bridge fog carquinez bridge thick fog with advisory richmond san rafael bridge with patches of fog. giants game 5:07 expect lo
morning your as 59 degrees 51 in oakland concord 64. livermore lower 60s. novato 68 degrees futurecast where temperatures this afternoon at noon we will be in the '70s and '80s our inland communities warming things up. mid '80s and concord and livermore even the bay getting up to the nit '80s as well. things look really comparable for your tuesday afternoon. afternoon highs here's how a more muted today temperatures in cupertino 84 sunnyvale 82. campbell 83. for our friends in the east bay in inland communities mid '70s for alameda upper seventies for san leandro. walnut creek mid-80s concord 85. a gorgeous stage this afternoon. and for the north bay petaluma lower 80s novato 85 napa in the lower 80s and vallejo 82 ocean beach a nice day 66. in downtown 7 cisco 74 degrees. all of us will be above the average hot that trend will continue for the next couple of days in joint is really nice stretch of the days. here's a look at your 7 day to around the bay forecast we want things up wednesday and thursday. the increase in volume still no weight at the pay gate and once again we're seeing
bay, 59 redwood city, 55 san jose cool spot 63 in oakland concord and low 60s fremont and livermore clear skies here monterey 57 right now. 80s in santa cruz today. already most locations are warmer much warmer than yesterday anywhere interest 4 to 16° warmer from san francisco to antioch, a couple degrees of warming even in los gatos and san jose. temperatures today to come up from two to four degrees from yesterday. winds are going to pick up onshore today, then wind shift tonight going to bring warm to hot conditions tomorrow. it has been rather wet to the for the of us seattle and oregon this continues to today, the front pushes north and east and we've got high pressure south of there continuing to expand and build today and as the high builds we are going to look for winds to blow from the land to the sea north northeasterly winds gusting in higher elevations tomorrow through a portion of thursday will bring heightened fire danger around here the numbers are going to feel good today still looking at sea breeze, 79 santa clara, 80 san jose, upper 70s peninsula, partly cloudy t
currently 79 but still about the 80s for santa rosa, livermore, oakland and concord. let's go to the great midwest. giants playing baseball but they can't right now because of a very strong cold front and the same cold front impacting st. louis causing a rain delay there. it's also up in detroit causing a rain delay for game 4 of the american league championship series. for us, forget about the rain and cold. it's all about an offshore wind once again. and that just like today will get you in the 90s inland, 80s at the bay, 70s at the coast. enjoy it tomorrow because the pattern is gone by friday. the onshore flow comes back, cooler for the weekend. now we are heading all the way up to alaska kind of mother nature's version of the polar express take a lot of cold arctic air sending it toward california. this is going to happen next monday. but we have to watch this because the snow level will drop down to 7,000 feet and widespread rainfall for the first time in months is in the forecast coming up for the top of next week. for tomorrow, about 78 for san francisco. livermore 93. san jose 86.
at the airport 86. new record high. also new record high set in oakland and concord. both of those communities in the mid- to upper 80s. so we broke these records today. already, we're beginning to see a change. the onshore flow is slowly but surely returning to. pacifica is now down to 76. san rafael down to 77. and it's weird to say this but downtown san francisco is down to 81 degrees. we'll talk about the cool change. i'll ver weekend forecast and we may be setting records for rainfall coming up soon. details when that's going to happen coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> investigators are trying to unravel a suspicious death and fire in castro valley. the alameda county sheriff's office says an accelerant was used to start the fire at this home on san carlos avenue. when firefighters arrived they discovered a woman's body inside. investigators say if this was a homicide, they, quote, have the upper hand on it. >>> oakland police have given the "all clear" after a search for an armed man closes a campus. officers were called to holy names university this morning after someone rep
. sheriff's detectives from contra costa county arrested them in concord this week. they are suspected of shooting and killing two people. police found their bodies on the ground outside a car in pittsburg last week. the motive for the murder is unclear. >>> a driver nearly ended up inside the safeway senator san francisco's marina district today. his jaguar jumped a parking bumper and slammed into the line of shopping carts outside. the car stopped as you see just short of store's front windows. the driver was not badly hurt nor was anyone else. >>> the san mateo bridge will stay open this weekend. caltrans canceled the planned closure because crews made more progress than expected during last week's shutdown. crews will close lanes occasionally to finish the project. >>> the united states could soon become the world's top producer of oil. one of the main reasons is the new development in a technique called hydraulic fracturing or fracking. while some landowners are seeing dollar signs, others fear the worst. [ cows mooing ] >> reporter: cattle land is oil land. the rancher likes it
in fairfield. 46 degrees, 46 concord. 46 at the oakland airport. warmer than that in downtown oakland if you are headed in that direction. 46 san jose. these numbers from four to eight degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago. the overnight hours we get the clearing and that cool air actually starts to really settle in. the coldest air settling into the valleys, the satellite radar, the system that brought us unsettled weather now off to the east. you see the clouds, here they come, right about there. that's a weak front that's disrupted the marine layer so many of us waking up mostly sunny and if you have partly cloudy skies you will be mostly sunny by midmorning. a ridge of high pressure building in. we have a little bit of patchy fog. you may find that, partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. we are looking at temperatures near normal. we are talking 60's at the coast. mid to upper 70's inland. 74 for santa rosa, 72nevado, 67 in solosito. 71 oakland, 72 haywood, 76 danville, 77 in antioch, south buy looking good. san jose 72, 74 sarahing toa -- saratoga. a cool start for the run this
if the temperatures jump up-close to record range. right now it's 97 in livermore, 96 antioch, concord 96 degrees, 88 san rafael. 74 in san francisco and los gatos, 97 degrees. they are up some 16 degrees today and napa up 6 and 12 in fremont. san francisco up 17 degrees from this time yesterday. up 11 in san jose. more high heat tomorrow. a spare the air day is in place for our monday. inland east bay, santa clara valley, that's where the poorest readings will be. we will take a look and see lhen this will coop off coming up. >> thank you. shoppers in san francisco will have to bring their own shopping bags with them or dig up dimes when they go to grocery stars tomorrow. a new city law goes into effect tomorrow making paper or recyclable bags your only choice. there won't be plastic bags. they will also betrayed charge shoppers ten cents for every bag they use. >> it will motivate people to be more environmentally conscious. overall i say it's a good thing. >> city leaders hope the extra charge will encourage people to carry reusable tote bags with them when they go shopping. a busy weekend for the
. tuesday 96, today 75. concord, 100 on tuesday. today 72. that's nearly a 30-degree drop. we have clouds. concord you're down to 58. san francisco 59. oakland 59. it is chilly outside. let's talk about this change. amazingly it's the same low pressure area when it was to our south that gave us the offshore wind and temperatures in the 80s, 90s and 100s. we're getting the on shore flow. that cools us down today. will continue to move us down over the weekend. by monday, after the weekend is finished it'll be sitting right over top of us. that will promote enough unstable air to give us a chance of showers. we're get cooler and wetter by the top of next week. a lot of cloud cover each morning. the weekend is going to be chilly. 60s near the bay with scattered showers next week. for your highs, generally 60s on the peninsula. 73 for campbell. the cooldown continues. san ramone tomorrow, 74. mill valley 69. downtown san francisco only 62 degrees. your extended forecast calls for chilly. partly sunny in the afternoon. upper 60s near the bay. upper 80s inland. chance of showers monday and tues
, high temperatures in the 60s, 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 72 degrees in concord, 75 in napa, 75 in red wood city. we are going to continue with the cooler temperatures as the fog spreads back into the forecast. dense fog near the coastline, into tomorrow, tell be slower to clear. so we'll continue to see color temperatureless tomorrow and all the way -- temperatures tomorrow and all through the weekend. >>> five deadly shootings earlier this week in oakland. the victims targeted, police say the murders are not connected, instead they are part of a citywide crime problem. the chief today announced a new crime-fighting program called operation cease-fire. a pastor of one of the largest churches in oakland says the program does not go far enough to reduce the rising tide of violence. >> you have the fourth most dangerous city in america >> i think what we need to do is declare oakland a state of mother-in-law. >> we just described to -- a state of emergency. >> we've just described what's taken place here. >> five murders in 8 hours. >> they should say these shootings are out of c
. it was a 21 degree drop. concord fell from 94 yesterday to 72 today. 22 degrees cool and san jos was 13 deges cooler cingnt degrees. it was cerinly a nice looking day. felt good outside. this was photo sent to you report by one of our views at the blue angels with the practice round and they of course will be out there tomorrow. let's check out life doppler 7 ht. we have clouds not only low cloud but we have higher clouds as well indicated by the brit white coloring here. the gray is the lower clouds. dealing with quite a bit of cloud cover tonight and our very own live doppler 7 hd located on mount saint helena tracking showers as early as next week so watching it for you. temperatures writ now in the 50's and 60's. clouds holding the warmth in from early today. lack for them tonight. partly cloudy for the weekend. and chance of showers coming in monday and tuesday. now overnight tonight we will see that cloud cover so first they think tomorrow morning when you head out the door you will notice quite a bit of clouds out there and temperatures will be on the cool side. longe
and tuesday. for tomorrow, saturday, we're looking at 72 for san jose. oakland 68. and concord 75 degrees. those are five to seven degrees cooler than normal. you'll get up to 71 tomorrow. campbell 72 and redwood city mid 70s. some sunshine, partly sunny for concord. fair field 77. napa 72. on the peninsula, 65. alameda 68 degrees. we will stay chilly through the weekend, but rain free. rain clears out by thursday. time for sports. >> yeah, hasn't been like this in almost two years. the four teams alive at the start of the day and only two survive. what happened here in atlanta? the minute is next. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-ei
westerly wind towards concord. west winds in the neighborhood. up to 20 miles-per-hour in san jose right now. 70 degrees. our forecast. you can expect some clouds and pockets of dense valley fog overnight, especially in the north bay. you woke up to that this morning and the same tomorrow morning. a little cooler for all of us as we head into tomorrow afternoon, and then we are going to put in just a slight chance of showers mainly in the south bay heading into tuesday, possibly lingering into wednesday morning. here's how the night will go. the low clouds and fog will push further inland at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and then it should start to peel back to the coast about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon so do expect some afternoon sunshine. this is the cutoff low. we've been watching it all weekend. and actually it's been pretty much just sitting there. counterclockwise spin. forecast models are going to keep it off the coast. so our chances of seeing some showers will be diminished. if this decides to migrate inland it's a whole different ball game but right know we're going with this stayin
into the afternoon. 60s and 70s throughout the bay area today. 74 in napa. 72 in concord and 75 in redwood city. tomorrow we will see fog long the coast line, reforming at this hour. mix of clouds as the storm starts to move along the coast line to the south. that will bring us a 20% chance of scattered showers. we will time that out coming up. >>> new tonight, san francisco supervisors will meet tomorrow night, they are expected to consider whether to remove suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty in march to false imprisonment charges related to a argument in which he grabbed his wife's arm. he is on probation and in domestic violence counseling. a commission found that he did commit misconduct. >>> coming up later in the broadcast, the yankees trying to keep rolling in the playoffs, same story for st. louis and washington. highlights ahead. the giants today they better get a good night's sleep, it is win or the season is over tomorrow. football here, football there, all later in the broadcast. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
concord y livermore y palo alto con 73, lecturas entre 6 millas por hora en livermore y san francisco que fue la brisa más fuerte, las próximas 48 horas brisas suaves, condiciones secas en todo el estado con escasa nubosidad, algunas nubes medias en poro siguess de sodoma y vemos el aire seco que invade gran parte del estado con mínimas descendiendo acerca de 65 °, oakland una mínima de 54, mapa con 48 esta noche y algunos necesitarán sus abrigos, con una máxima mañana de 70 con cielos parcialmente nublados casi nada de brisa, entre 70 en oakland y 77 de livermore y concord y en la semana de 70 a 75 y el jueves 81 ° y es todo que tengan una linda noche. >> al regresar todo en noticias y antes que habrá en el mundo de los deportes con william. >> la máquina encontró su camino y el allílider y su campeón con empate y vamos y regresamos en un floflash. >> (♪) >> ---con la victoria sobre los rojos de cincinati Ún fresca en la memoria, los gigantes de san francisco se dieron cita en el con la victoria de ylos rojoroj cincinna cincinnati, practicaron y el ganador de esta etapa
bay, 60 mountain view, mid 50s in concord. we are on our way to a warming trend. yesterday you may have felt it, lot of sunshine, by 9:00, 10:00 after that mist lifts, fog evaporates, 60s coast mid 80s inland should be pleasant evening giants' forecast coming up. >>> good morning. fog is the story at this hour, limited visibility. you can see this is the toll plaza, clear here once you get on the span patches of fog there as well. this is emeryville camera fog settling in looking at the macarthur maze and 80 you can barely see the fog rolling in. advisories for all bridges, bay bridge, carquinez and richmond san rafael bridge with patches of fog that come up quickly on your drive. only other incident now car fire cleared out of lanes north 880, not slowing anything there, roadwork out of the central valley westbound 205 at 11th down to one lane. if you are headed out of antioch speeds up there, very light traffic this morning towards concord and 242, less than 20 minutes. >>> 4:38. >>> jumping into the history books. the amazing record a daredevil skydiver can boast about this morn
and san jose, sunny here temperatures 67 in concord already, we'll talk about an offshore flow as soon as tomorrow night and high fire danger, coming up. >>> gearing up for the next presidential debate why stakes are sky high. >>> researchers reveal one important thing parents can do to help their kids in >>> it is crunch time again for president obama and mitt romney with just 22 days left, they are holed up with aides cramming for tear debate tomorrow night. preparations are underway in hempstead, new york where the town hall style meeting will take place. >> reporter: paul ryan stomached in wisconsin today preaching -- stumped in wisconsin today. preaching against debt. >> if we tackle our problems before they tackle us we can get america on the right track. and young kids can come to an economy where next make the most of their lives because that's the american dream. >> the president: hello everybody! i brought food. >> reporter: the president handed out pizzas to campaign volunteers as he spent most of the weekend in virginia preparing for tuesday night's high stakes debate. >> i
cooler weather for the weekend. these are your highs tomorrow. oakland 76. concord eight degrees above average. san jose 80. campbell 81. concord 85. fairfield 88 and low 80s for santa rosa. so we're getting warmer. low 90s inland wednesday and thursday. even near the bay we're talking 80s wednesday and thursday. and 70s at the coast. cooling down a bit for the weekend. but we'll stay dry and we'll stay mainly sunny that's a nice october forecast. >> can't complain about that. do you think it's going to cool down permanently. >> these days are getting longer and longer it's tough to pull off what we're pulling off this week once we get close to halloween. so enjoy it while we have it. >>> the fda expanding warning for ties to a national meningitis out break. reports of new illnesses were tied to other products made by the new england compounding center. health officials say doctors should contact patients who have had the injections and warn them of the risk of infection. so far 15 death haves been reported from the meningitis out break. >>> many parents find that bedtime is a little b
degrees in concord. 672 in san francisco but a cool 55 in san jose. high pressure bingo to build in. you see -- beginning to build in. you see one weak system in the north. and pressure will build in behind that. temperatures going to sore. that offshore wind kicking in tomorrow and looks like the temperatures could push up in the 90s in some spots. for today, warming up, 86 degrees in liz mother 85 in concord and let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >>> yesterday's morning commute caused a lot of problems, caused by the fog. it doesn't appear to be as thick this morning. here's a live look at 101 and mckee exit. nice and clear. you can tell all the way out towards santa clara. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. you will find the paving work between the waldo tunnel and we haven't seen a car yet. traffic is nice and light heading into the san francisco. once again, a live look at the nevett . scheduled to wrap up by 5:30. that is according to caltran. back to you. >>> tonight president obama and mitt romney will be on the same stage for the second of three debates. mr. ob
in the city. currently 65 in downtown. 72 for san jose. and concord, currently 81 degrees. overnight, not as chilly as the past couple nights. and fairfield, 58 degrees. the set-up, low pressure moves through western washington and british columbia and it's on the way out. and it's critical because it will allow the area of high pressure to build north. as it does, the offshore wind. and by tomorrow afternoon, the winds coming out of the east and northeast. that's a warm flow of air. and that will warm us up, widespread 80s and 90s tomorrow and thursday. and then back to normal. but it will be the warmest weather in two weeks. cooler temperatures, back for you on friday. and the weekend, next week a different ball game. how about a taste of we want we are rain likely for several straight days. for now, it's about summer-like weather. concord tomorrow, 11 degrees above average. highs, mid-80s. even pacifica 84 degrees. near 90 in danville. we will hit the 90s in walnut creek. and looking toasty in santa rosa. downtown san francisco, 80 degrees tomorrow. the warm stuff is tomorrow and
outside. with current temperatures generally in the mid 60s. oakland 65, and concord 66 degrees. where are we heading tonight? as the kids get up and get ready for school tomorrow, down to the upper 50s. redwood city 57. san francisco dropping down to 59 degrees. that low pressure area that gave heavy rain fall for washington has moved off to the east. that is now allowing a big size is -- that is critical for our weather because we'll get chorus. that warmed us up today. widespread 80s and 90s coming up tomorrow and wednesday. if you like the cooler weather, that's coming up on friday and the weekend. next week, if you have been patient, it's been a few months. a concord 88 degrees, san jose a high of 7. fremont 82. low 80s for union city. how about 90 for walnut creek. pleasantton, livermore, san rafael 88. downtown, back to the 80s. if you like the warmer weather, enjoy it tomorrow and thursday because we'll get cooler. low 70s near the bay. it's all about the rain fall coming up next week. that is your forecast. ,,,, a matisse and monets are mig from a museum in the netherlands. >
and warm in oakland. 67. san jose, 67. concord, 64, santa rosa, 60. low humidity, that means increased fire danger. red flag warning continues for the north bay mountains and east bay hilz. even tonight, the -- and east bay hills. high fire danger in the highs north and east of san francisco tonight. tomorrow, the weather, very similar to today. 90s inland, 80s in san francisco and oakland. san leandro, richmond, you'll be in the 80s tomorrow. high pressure to the north giving us an offshore wind. sunny skies and very warm. over the weekend, the wind shifts back to a west flow. that will cool us down and give us more cloud cover. low pressure up in the gulf of alaska will move all the way down to alameda. we're going to see some widespread rainfall as early as monday night. another very warm day tomorrow, then the heat is finished. cooler weather moving in friday. won't be as sunny over the weekend. only partly sunny. and rain begins monday night. 90 for concord for thursday. 86 for san jose. mountain view, 87. san mateo, question. low 90s, pleasant hill. and back to the 80s for san rafael.
digits redwood city, san jose, concord, san francisco 11 to 14° warmer. look for asterisk, mid to upper 80s los gatos possibly 90 mountain view 85 would be a record, 80 at half moon bay upper 70s most of the coast, 84 downtown san francisco with 80 in south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 80s north bay valleys santa rosa and napa's 86 possible records oakland 85, hayward 83 inland everybody is going to be around 90° in the east bay valleys that would be a record for concord and livermore's 91 would be a record. upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. game forecast, a lot of sunshine changing to a clear star filled sky, 75 to 66° no need to worry about bundling up, no need to worry about rain. temperatures comfortable overnight, 50s. as we head overnight marine layer reestablished, sea breeze reestablishing as we head towards tomorrow's commute clouds coming into the bay and taking over there could be flight arrival delays into sfo cooler home. -- cooler tomorrow. 8 to 10° cooler tomorrow by the time we get to sunday we'll have lost 15 to 20°. cooler monday through wed
jose, concord, san francisco 11 to 14° warmer. look for asterisk, mid to upper 80s los gatos possibly 90 mountain view 85 would be a record, 80 at half moon bay upper 70s most of the coast, 84 downtown san francisco with 80 in south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 80s north bay valleys santa rosa and napa's 86 possible records oakland 85, hayward 83 inland everybody is going to be around 90° in the east bay valleys that would be a record for concord and livermore's 91 would be a record. upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. game forecast, a lot of sunshine changing to a clear star filled sky, 75 to 66° no need to worry about bundling up, no need to worry about rain. temperatures comfortable overnight, 50s. as we head overnight marine layer reestablished, sea breeze reestablishing as we head towards tomorrow's commute clouds coming into the bay and taking over there could be flight arrival delays into sfo cooler home. -- cooler tomorrow. 8 to 10° cooler tomorrow by the time we get to sunday we'll have lost 15 to 20°. cooler monday through wednesday with unsettled w
in oakland but also santa rosa, topping out at 90. napa a new record at 87. heyward and concord. now, let's get a look at santa rosa. we shattered the old record of 84 set back in 2001. i just began to show you how unusual it is to get this kind of weather this time of year. we are going to be undergoing at least the start of some changes for friday. we'll start with plenty of low to mid-60s. then by the afternoon hours, temperatures will go up, but not nearly as hot as we had for today. by the 1:00 p.m. hour, we're expecting low to mid-70s across the east and the south bay. that's a lot better for you. take a look at this, we're tracking major changes in the seven-day forecast, one of the strongest, widespread systems we will have seen in months looks to impact us next week. >> thanks so much, jeff. a heated court battle led to the release of thousands of files today from the boy scouts of america outlining decades of abuse. boy scouts fought to keep the files private arguing a confidential list encourages more whistle-blowers to come forward and protect the victims. the oregon supreme c
, san francisco, oakland, concord, and other bay area cities. piedmont was not on the list by the way. volunteers say it's because of an increase in security measures. >> those mistakes were made in another time which doesn't excuse them, but the organization has moved on with the times. and i think has kept fairly current with what is appropriate now. >> volunteers have to go through background checks. the boy scouts of america released a statement saying they are sorry for any failed protection or harm to children. >>> the los angeles police department has announced it is opening the investigation into a dozen unsolved murders that could have ties to the manson family. the murders are very similar to the killings in the late 1960s. it comes as police are in a legal battle to obtain audio tapes between manson follower charles watson and his attorney. >>> the colorado movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people and injured dozens of others is being renovated. the makeover in response to a survey sent a 6,000 people asking what should be done with the building. 70% say it should be r
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